Tree Mapping + Circumference Protocol

What is involved?

This involves identifying, measuring and mapping mature trees. The data will be collated into a map – linked spreadsheet that can be used to analyse species distribution across the entire mountain.

Why collect this data?

The data collected allows comparisons of tree species and stages of development across the mountain. Different climate aspects at each plot (such as altitude, sunlight hours, average temperatures) will affect how the trees develop.

Tree Mapping Protocol Document

Tree ID Guides are here: (large format)

Use the tree guides to learn about the trees you might find today. There are laminated tree guides in your equipment bag. USE THEM!

What to do with the tree data?

Enter the data you wrote on your paper data form into the appropriate Google Sheet in this folder [link].

Please be very careful when inputting data. Use TEAM WORK and CHECK YOUR PARTNER when entering data to make sure it is done right.

This data will also be collected using the myObservatory app to record tree type, circumference and GPS location. We need the paper backup in case the app fails.

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