Photography Protocol

What is involved?

Photos of the survey plot will be taken from key points. These will later be linked to a series of documents to allow visual analysis of sites across the mountain.

What is the purpose of collecting this data?

There is a lot of data being collected from the other protocols, but it is mostly numerical. These photos will allow you to actually see the areas from which the data was taken.

Tree Photos Protocol Document

Take the Photography Pre-Test

Blank Photo cards for id of photos

What to do with the photos:

Photo Folder is here (be sure to add all your photos from the plot today!).

Later, all the photos will need to be renamed to make them sort properly. If you have time, rename each photo to show where it was taken and what direction it was looking using the format “PlotCode_PhotoNumberOrientation”. For example, BRFP1_1N” is the BRFP1 site, photo facing North from point 1. “BRFP1_D12” would be the photo pointing down at the floor from point 12

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